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Welcome to the mighty roadmap! For now, the roadmap lists all our todos for the next release. In the future, the roadmap will also contain the changelogs between releases.

1. Resource System

This milestone includes all parts that need to be implemented for a fully functioning KKnD resource system. These are the behavior of Oil Tankers, Derricks, Mobile Derricks, Power Stations and Oilpatches. This milestone is the only major feature between us and a first release.

  • Disable Deployment

    The current deployment implementation is just a dummy. It has to be removed to avoid mobile derricks to deploy on normal ground.

  • Oilpatch

    Oilpatches should provide a set amount of oil. Hovering an oilpatch with the mousecursor should display its remaining amount by using a statusbar.

  • Derrick docking

    The Derrick has to dock with an oilpatch. Upon ordering it to dock, it should move over the oilpatch and start deploying itself.

  • Derrick effects

    The Derrick should play an animation while its oilpatch is not empty yet. As soon as it's depleted, the oilpatch gets removed and the animation is stopped.

  • Derrick unitframe

    The Derrick should display its oilpatch oil status as additional progressbar within its own unit frame.

  • Tanker core

    The Tanker should be able to hold a particular amount of oil. Also it should display its oil amount as an additional progressbar within its own unit frame.

  • Tanker docking

    The Tanker should be able to dock with the Derrick and the Power Station.

  • Oil loading / unloading

    Upon being docked, the Tanker should either be filled by the Derrick or emptied by the Power Station. Emptying should grant resources.

  • Tanker

    The Tanker should memorize its assigned Derrick and Power Station, and automatically patrol between those two.

  • Sounds

    When a Derrick is nearing depletion, a notification sound has to be played, whenever a new Tanker docks with it. Also while emptying a Tanker, a particular sound has to be played.