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Milestone 0.1.0 - release-20181215 15. December 2018

A few years ago, back in 2011, the KKnD remake project got started. We‘ve been through a lot since then. It started with writing several prototypes and continued by developing a custom engine for the project. Finally it all got ported over to the wonderful OpenRA engine, early 2017. The project has never stood still but has been kept under tight wraps in order to ensure certain quality standards. A lot of game remakes appear from time to time, however most of these fall off the radar before ever seeing its first release. Particularly, mods aiming to deliver a modern KKnD experience have been popping up on the Internet ever since the original release of KKnD 2: Krossfire, all of them currently inactive. As for our project, we tried to keep people in a waiting state, always balancing the thin line between making sure we do not look dead but also not over-hyping the project to avoid disappointing people by waiting for years and years.


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