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Are you related to Atari (the KKnD rights owner?)

No, we are not related to Atari. We are hobbyists who enjoy preserving the KKnD franchise, as well as making it known and accessible to newer generations.

Do I need the original games to play?

In short: no. You can play multiplayer and singleplayer skirmish, as our game will automatically download the assets that came with official demos. However, we strongly suggest buying the full games over at GOG. This will allow you to enjoy the full game, including cinematics and the original soundtrack.

Will you remake both KKnD games?

Yes! We are currently focusing on getting the KKnD 1 multiplayer and skirmish parts done. Afterwards we will start implementing KKnD 2 on top of that.

Which releases will be supported?

Currently we're supporting only the GoG releases, due to several differences between the older releases that make them incompatible with each other.

What about multi language support?

We plan to add the proper multi language support in the future. This includes using videos and sound packs from other releases. We also support custom fan-made translations as long as they meet our quality standards.

Does it cost me anything?

Absolutely nothing! However if you want to play the game with soundtracks or cinematics, you require the full version of the game. We recommend purchasing the original games at GoG to support KKnD and get access to these features!

Does the remake alter the gameplay?

The remake comes along with two different modes: Classic and Modern (default). Classic will feature the unaltered original gameplay, while modern will contain several fixes, additions and balances. Additional tweaks or changes can be made my fan made mods or by using the in-game stats editor.

What kind of modding support will the game have?

We deliver an easy to use ingame map editor and stats editor. For everything else, refer to the OpenRA modding guide.

Is the project open-source?

Ofcourse! The whole source code can be found on GitHub!

What platforms and operating systems are supported?

We support all platforms OpenRA runs on. This currently means Windows / Linux / MacOS desktop variants. Running on mobile, console, RaspberryPi or other platforms will be possible if someone wants to maintain the OpenRA ports.

Will the game feature additional or cut content?

We are using several cut features from KKnD's history. If possible, we use left over assets directly from the game files. The other content is recreated from screenshots and concept art.

Does this project contain any remastered assets?

Currently no, however we do plan including such assets if we find proper artists. This includes HD sprites and tilesets, and as well as remastered audio and soundtracks.