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Some in-game footage. 11. August 2015

While the development process is still ongoing and we are far away from a working state we have created some videos showing the progress made in the last months.

Lets start with the oldest one we have. As you can see we had a working prototype about two years ago. Most of the assets were hand-edited and the whole code-base was hacked together as a proof of concept. However it was about that time we started making serious plans on what exactly our goals were.

When we fully encrypted all original KKnD game formats we started working on our engine and some debug tools to verify our results. The following video shows our progress in reading the original sprites.

The next two videos are showing our engine in the works. There is no single KKnD related thing hardcoded, to be more specific every aspect of the game-content (factions, units, ui, maps,...) were build by using our modding abilities: JavaScript based entity-scripts, every unit consists of a single .png spritesheet and a simple .json definition file and the map is fully editable with Tiled map-editor. Also we implemented direct-control using a gamepad or keyboard for movement and a mouse to aim.

About that time we finished making our toolset compatible with the rare KKnD: Kollateral Damage resources. Not showing anything except a unit you will never ever have seen ingame as it was not buildable in the pre-alpha.

After the basic stuff worked we refactored our whole core again as it was time to implement networking. Gameplay is now always network-based as this keeps us away from duplicating calculations. The server (which may be in background and listening on localhost only in singleplayer) does all the magic and the client is simply a viewer-application delivering commands to the server. While some stuff is not synced yet, such as particles, you can see a synced entity here.

At last we have our latest build including our current UI. We replaced the entity color mechanism by glsl shaders instead of pre-coloring the images in the loading screen which was a huge step on the performance side. We also started to implement functionality and events to the interface so we were able to use it for debug purpose.

That's it for now, feel free to leave us a small comment below!

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