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Long time no see! 02. February 2016

We wish all our followers and fans a happy new year and hope this belated update makes you look forward to our upcoming KKnD game. Quite a lot has happened since the last update and we’re proud to share the progress that has been made.

First of all, we got in contact with Privatejfx141 from Canada who is eagerly creating a KKnD Wiki over at kknd.wikia.com . We’ve provided him with unit sprites and additional material to properly fill the Wiki with content. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but what is already there is very promising. Feel free to contribute to the Wiki as a lot articles are still a stub.

Next we’ve waded knee-deep in the hex code of KKnD 1 and 2 and their betas and alphas in order to retrieve as much original data as prossible. Long story short: we managed to decode basically all unit, weapon, projectile and additional tables, allowing us for a faithful reimplementation of all the original game stats. Skimming over all the exracted data, we’ve discovered many little details from the development history of the series and we’re planning to share them with you from time to time.

Parallel to all the fiddling with the original games, our programming team has worked hard to bring our game engine closer to its final form. A huge portion of the interface implementation was done, mostly allowing for easily expandable menus, where factories can register their techtrees and dynamically add new submenus. As a special treat, menus support animated icons, rending unit sprites directly into the buttons. Here’s a little sneak peek of the current UI:

The engine’s backbone has been enhanced a lot and can now easily load game modules and entire asset packs within less than a second (for what we’ve tested). Furthermore, many little bugs have been fixed, such as the wrong rendering order visible in the last update, where oilpatches floated above their derrick. While the game looks 2D, it is in fact technically 3D and thus can use all the advantages that come with such technology.

As for ingame mechanics, the implementation of functional techbunkers is done, so our playtesting is tarted up with neat bunker units to be discovered around the maps.

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