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The current state of 3d modelling for KKND. 26. October 2016

Again it's been a long time since the last update, but we're still working on our KKnD game.

To provide you with some insight in the current state of development, we decided to show you some of the 3D models we've come up with. They were designed in order to stay faithful to the original KKnD, but transporting it successfully to the 3rd dimension. Crafting the models we paid a lot of attention to making them highly confident to the original sprites when viewed from the corresponding camera angle.
The current state of the models is still quite crude, but still feel very exciting to us and hopefully to you, too. Our next tasks will be polishing up those models, by fixing misalignments, adding a few missing faces here and there and texturing them properly.

A little bonus we are considering: When the models are properly done, we want have all the buildings and vehicles 3D printed, to put them on our shelves. Maybe we'll give our a few of those models to our beta testers in later development as a goodie...

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