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Progress Update! 20. April 2018

Again, several months have past, but we are proud to present another progress video.

In the last months we spent a lot of time fixing and polishing things, and making the current codebase as stable as possible. The unit and building production now works properly like in the original games and we started working on tilesets and our first custom map.

We have also discussed making the project's development way more transparent. Therefore we collected all kind of information and crafted a new website to present them.

As our game is nearly playable, we are focusing on getting the resource management properly implemented into the OpenRA engine. This is the last hurdle for our first alpha release. After our initial release, we will continue to work out smaller goals for the following releases. Additionally all of the project's source code will be made available on GitHub!

So stay tuned, as this year we might finally get a release out there.

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