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Assets - finally done. 04. November 2015

Since our last update we've made several awesome improvements we want to talk about one by one. For today we will focus on the assets, how they are seperated from the engine itself, and of course our extraction tool.


Some in-game footage. 11. August 2015

While the development process is still ongoing and we are far away from a working state, we have created some videos showing the progress made in the last months.


UI mockup session 1. 08. May 2015

Today we want to talk a little bit about our current progress regarding the UI. For the interface of our upcoming KKnD game, we're striving to make it easy to use for fans of the classic KKnD games, aswell as allowing easy modifiability. While the original games had no modding API and no simple way of adding custom features to the interface, we figured that such system for customizing the UI might prove itself useful if not vital. In addition to facilitating easier modification, our overhauled interface API will help bringing the base game and mods to a variety of devices, including desktop computers, tablets and even smartphones.


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