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Welcome to the mighty roadmap! For now, the roadmap lists all our todos for the next release. In the future, the roadmap will also contain the changelogs between releases.

1. Release 0.1.0

This milestone includes all parts that need to be implemented for a fully functional KKnD multiplayer Prototype. This prototype will be our first public release, going along with open sourcing the project.

  • UI

    Finish main menu, lobby, ingame options, etc.

  • Visual Tweaks

    There are some minor visual differences between our remake and the original game, which we need to adress.

  • Performance & Testing

    Adress all performance flaws and do a proper full-test before releasing.

2. Release 0.2.0

This release will be our skirmish release. Focus lies on AI palyers, proper multi-level map implementations, the other two tilesets, and a full set of maps.

3. Release 0.3.0

This release will be our KKnD2 release. Planned feature set is like the 0.1.0 release a complete working multiplayer prototype.

4. Release 0.4.0

This release will be our second KKnD2 release. Planned feature set is like the 0.2.0 release the complete skirmish and multiplayer experience.

5. Release 1.0.0

We do not know yet what features our 1.0.0 release will contain. However we are planning to have proper multi language support, two different gameplay modes: classic and modern, an intuitive map editor and ofcourse a working singleplayer campaign